Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Phillipe Legrain

I'm posting a link to the website of Phillipe Legrain, a London-based writer and commentator who is a strong proponent of globalization and open immigration. His key argument is that if globalization is good for physical goods, capital, etc, it should be good for people as well.

I haven't read everything Legrain has written, but from what I've seen so far, his views are pretty close to my own (Cobdenite) opinions. Unlike me, he is a brilliant communicator.

Check out his site!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Australian Broadcasting Corporation coverage of Little Mosque

ABC, the equivalent of CBC down-under, has carried a story on Little Mosque. Australia has seen rioting between Muslims and working-class whites, and one can well understand why the show would be of interest there.

Update: ABC posted another story about Little Mosque.

Brits take note of Little Mosque. Sort of.

A new Canadian TV series dealing with the experiences of Muslims in Canada has been mentioned in the left-leaning Guardian newspaper. As a Canadian, it's a bit depressing to find that the story was filed from Washington D.C. and is even listed as a U.S. story. A bit more background information on Canada's multiculturalism policy would have made the story a bit more relevant to British readers. Alas!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

British Bobbies for Calgary

The Calgary police force is recruiting British police officers, CBC news reports.

This story is interesting because it discusses the British recruit's perceptions of Canadian society. A bit more historical context would have been welcome, however, for the story fails to mention that it was once fairly common for Canadian police forces (most notably the RCMP) to recruit officers in the British Isles.

Canadian To Get DFC

A Canadian, Christopher Hasler who enlisted in the RAF will be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the highest honour within the RAF. The presentation ceremony with take place at Buckingham Palace.

According to the CanWest story on him, Hasler joined the RAF because he had been rejected by the Canadian Forces.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Beaverbrook Gallery Controversy

Nice article in Saturday's Globe re the Beaverbrook gallery controversy (backstory on the controversy: Lord Beaverbrook's descendants wish to take back some of the painting the Beaverbrook donated to a gallery in New Brunswick. The gallery claims they can't do this and the issue is before a mediator). I'm mainly interested in the story because Beaverbrook enters into my research a fair bit.

Article in La Presse on Scottish Independence

David McCrone, a political scientist at the University of Edinburgh, has an interesting article in Saturday's La Presse on Scottish independence, a topic with obvious parallels to the Quebec situation. McCrone, it should be pointed out, disputes the recent polling figures showing that a majority of Scots favour independence, noting that the 51% figures come from a poll commissioned by the right-wing Daily Telegraph. (Canadian readers: the Daily Telegraph is like the National Post, except that its readers think that fox hunting is good for the fox).